Forum Music Auditorium Stage Equipment

Forum Music Auditorium is one of the best small-size recital hall in Taiwan, located in the north center of Taipei city. The auditorium was designed by famous Taiwanese contemporary percussionist Bor-Nien Hsu in 1997. It has extremely beautiful, nice and clean acoustics and creates crystal clear sounds for artists and audience. Outside the auditorium, there is a lecture classroom for artists giving master classes or lectures. People waiting for the concert can have nice coffee and light meals at our beautiful coffee shop. 

It has been our greatest honor to introduce you, the one, the only, Forum Music Auditorium. For your convenience to learn the stage  equipment of Forum Music Auditorium, the information is listed as following. Thank you for being with us.

Size of stage (all in metre)
Stage depth (A):5.2M
Stage width (B):6.7M
The height from the ground to the ceiling (C):3.6M
Performer entrance from standby room: G
Audience entrance: H

Size of Standby Room
Width (J):5.1M
Depth (K):3.1M

Size of the area of Audience Seats
Width (D):6.7M
Depth of half area (E):4.7M
Dapth of whole area (F):10.1M
The number of audience seats in photo: 80
The maximum number of audience seats: 108
Audience entrance: H
Emergency exit: I

Size of Lecture Room
Width (L):5.1M
Depth (M):7.2M